Sunday, 4 November 2012

MicroStock Vector Tips 

Vector Files have already gained significant market share of the microstock photography industry.

The uploading procedure for such files is slightly different from that of ordinary pictures. Here are some useful tips... 

  • Vector file should be an EPS format file, accompanied by a JPEG format preview file, with the same file name  
    E.g. stock example.eps
                   stock example.jpg

  • The title of the file should be relevant to the topic.
  • Fill in Metadata information in EPS file. Title, description and keywords  (for adobe illustrator file > fileinfo) 
  • Most agents demand eps files compatible with adobe illustrator 10 (so if you have later versions ai save the final file as eps).
  •  Several agencies have limit on the file size (e.g. shutterstock   has a limit of 15MB for eps). There are also restrictions on the size of the preview file which differ in each agency. Before uploading check the requirements of each agency (eg shutterstock 800 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi, 123rf 1600Χ1600 pixels or larger, istockphoto 1900X2600 or larger)
  •  If you upload files via FTP (recommended), have patience until both eps and jpeg files are uploaded before proceeding with keywords and categories. Check if the file is registered as a vector file.
  • When it comes to choose categories ,make sure you choose illustration, apart from other categories.
  • Do not upload simple autotraces of photos, without any further processing. They will be rejected.
  • Do not leave fonts in the file. Expand them to become simple shapes.
  • Do not forget to erase useless lines, points or layers. Open shapes are unacceptable.
  • Don't use copyrights
  • Very simple vectors are not accepted.
  • Files must not contain raster images, such as photo or sketches.
  • After you close and re-open the final eps10 file check in window>links (for adobe illustrator) and make sure there are no raster files there.
  • Upload your vector art to all major microstock agencies to increase sales possibility.

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