Monday, 15 October 2012


Everybody uses the term megapixel when it comes to buy a camera, but there are few that really know the definition of the term. Let΄s all know about it...
One pixel  is a square shape with a specific color, the smallest possible sample of an image, that along with many other such squares around it form a picture. In other words, a piece of a whole mosaic. Experimentally you can see pixels if you zoom all the way in a digital image. You will observe separate color boxes.

For example we zoom in the following digital image, on the witch's hat.

We can see the result

If you spend 25.3 days of your life and count the pixels you will know how many megapixels is the picture actually.

For example if you count 1.000.000 pixels the image is 1Mp

But there is no need to count everything, you can just count the Pixels of a row and a column (estimated time 23.6 hours) and multiply them. The product of the number is the total pixels of the image.

Let's say for example that the product is 5.523.456 pixels. Divide it by 1,000,000 and you conclude with simple math that our image is 5,5 Megapixels.

However, since Photoshop is already invented, no need to count even that . Open the file in 
Photoshop and select from the dropdown menu Image> image size where we can see the width and height of the image in pixels. Multiply width and height pixelsdivide the product by one million and you have the megapixels of the image.

The magic in this whole thing is that there are ''images'' that have no pixels or resolution. These are vector images that are based on coordinates. The advantage is that they can be printed at any size without showing imperfections due to resolution. Such files are made with
illustrator and of course are at high demand in the commercial world of images such as microstock agencies ..

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